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Agnes Nicole Winter interview page two photoWhile Agnes-Nicole Winter is an accomplished actress, at the rate at which her burgeoning film production company Global Star Films Inc. is developing movies for the cinema and for the DVD / television market, she may soon find herself in the enviable position of becoming the standard to which independent film studios compare themselves. Winter’s company already has a feature film, The Gold & The Beautiful, a comedy / parody of Beverly Hills socialites produced and waiting to be released on DVD in the fall and she has already been approached by television networks who want to air the film. Global Star Films also has three other projects in the development stage, the action adventure movie Precious Metal, which hopes to start casting the roles in the fall of this year, Rock Me which will be filmed in both Los Angeles and Sweden and The Mother Road, a comedy written by Steve Walker. Agnes-Nicole Winter wrote the screenplay for The Gold & The Beautiful, Precious Metal and Rock Me.

If Agnes-Nicole Winter’s film endeavors seem to signal a woman with a very busy life, consider this; she also is preparing to return to the television set this fall to rejoin the cast of the reality show Swedish Hollywood Wives or as it is known in Sweden, Svenska Hollywoodfruar.

In the first season there were three of us, me, Anna Anka and a third wife who lives in Orange County and her name is Maria Montazami. During the first year we had five episodes to test it out and it became a mega hit. They haven’t had that kind of success on TV 3 in Sweden, in the last thirty years. The way they filmed it, we were kept separate and as a matter of fact we were filming an interview show last week (late April), and that was the first time that I had met Maria. I met Anna Anka a couple of months ago at an event.  During the second season I could not participate, because within this period I had to pursue my career and I do work (as the President and CEO of Global Star Films). I had to carry two jobs at the same time and keep them separate. It’s a little bit of a juggle and it gets very intense, because I am doing my fulltime work and I am filming a television show at the very same time, so I needed to take some time off to catch up.  I needed to continue to work on my projects without having too much of a delay. Now I have all of that behind me, and I am going to take a couple of months to film the new season. I am going to make sure that I have my projects up and running, before we start filming,” says Winter.

Have you caught your breath yet? We still are not finished. Agnes-Nicole Winter built her company while raising her two sons as a single parent. Cristopher and Alexander now both attend college, and they are models for Ford Models and both sons are also involved with Global Star Films. It must be something in the family’s genes that keeps them so busy. 

“I am very proud of them for everything they do, not just (their modeling and college). They are wonderful people. These two boys are an absolute dream. I am so proud of them for all of their accomplishments, the way they are as human beings, how they care about others and themselves and how they are respectful. I am very, very proud of them,” she says.

What motivated Agnes-Nicole Winter to write a script, produce a movie and star in the same film, which takes playful punches at the Beverly Hills crowd, especially when she lives in Beverly Hills and she often appears at major social events?   “There were highly publicized socialites who were party girls and we all know what followed.  This is really a family movie and a slapstick comedy, adventure. Within the movie we make a little bit of fun of the party girls and I think that the movie has a very good message. We wanted to end it the right way and we filmed it as a fairytale family movie. The idea came from the spoiled rich girls who grew up with everything and then lost their direction, motivation and who were not doing the right things for themselves or for others,” says Winter.

Oh, before we get into discussing Agnes-Nicole Winter’s other films, did we happen to mention that when we were talking to her, she was preparing to release (a single that she had recorded, Carol Connors’ song “Gimme Gimme Gimme It All,” the theme song from The Gold & the Beautiful. For the film, “Gimme Gimme Gimme It All,” was performed by James Lynch and Rebecca Pollock. A second song, “Real Man,” which Winter recorded and is also featured in the film, was released on I-Tunes on May 8th and by now there should also be a companion video on youtube.

The idea to record the songs, “just came out of a conversation with the Swedish media and I said alright. I did a pilot for MGM about fifteen years ago, when I had to sing, so I have been taking a lot of singing classes and I have been coached,” says Winter.