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Riveting Riffs Magazine has four primary foci; music, film, theater and fashion. Over the years a lot of different writers contributed to this magazine, many of whom were professionally employed as actors, actresses, singers, songwriters, musicians and fashion designers. The magazine has during our fourteen years of existence interviewed Grammy Award winners and nominees, film actors and actresses of feature films, as well as their directors and producers. We have interviewed fashion designers and jewelry designers. Stars of Broadway productions have graced our pages. We have however, not just focused on today's stars or yesterday's stars, but we have always reserved time and space for the stars of tomorrow. As the publisher of this magazine it has been with pride that I have watched many of those emerging talents achieve wonderous accomplishments in their careers. We have been fortunate to interview artists from Canada, America, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Italy.

Our main focus is in providing in-depth, quality interviews and we occasionally do concert and theater reviews. We seldom do album reviews and when we do, we usually combine those with mini interviews with the artist commenting about the album.

Riveting Riffs Magazine is dedicated to the memory of our publisher's son, Kent David Montague, who passed away suddenly, 17 days after his 18th birthday (March 1st, 2003) from a lethal arrythmia, which doctors and the Chief Medical Examiner (Coroner) believe was caused by an electrical problem within the cellular structure of his heart. This magazine is also dedicated to the memory of my other best friend, Patches Montague, Kent's ragdoll cat, who became mine and went to heaven on December 20th, 2011. If you live in Canada you can learn more about this condition, which claims 50% of its victims on the first symptom, by contacting SADS at www.sads.ca  In the United Sates you can contact www.sads.org and in the U.K www.sads.org.uk  I could have chosen to remain silent about the dedication of this magazine to the memory of my son, but I decided to make it publically known in the hope that it might prevent further loss of life, better education for all people, and the deployment of defribillators in public places and in work environments, because CPR cannot restore a heartbeat to someone who has due to a sudden arrythmia. Employers and owners of public facilities who do not invest in defribillators have sent a loud message to you, that being your life is not worth much. 

Riveting Riffs Magazine is also dedicated to the memory of my next closest friend Patches who I lost on December 20th, 2011. She was not all that big, but she had a great big heart and lots of love. Patches who had been Kent's cat passed away after a long illness. For some people she may have been just a ragdoll cat, with beautiful blue eyes, but for me, she was much more. In a lot of ways she became my world.

Many people have contributed to the success of this magazine over the years and often as the publisher I am the individual who is most visible, but in truth, I just had a dream and the many writers, photographers and editors who have been published in Riveting Riffs Magazine and the publicists, artist managers, tour managers, artists, music labels, filmmakers, producers, authors, directors, fashion designers and others who have made album reviews, concert reviews, theatrical reviews and interviews possible are the real people behind the success of Riveting Riffs Magazine. They do not have to give us those opportunities, yet they have decided to trust us, because we do not publish gossip or supposed news. We only publish interviews and sometimes reviews. We respect their time and their art and in return they have become our friends. Most of all we thank you the readers who take the time to visit this website.

I live in Canada, our magazine is geared primarily to an American audience and secondarily to European and with a tertiary audience in Australia, because you were the people who gave us the opportunities when this all began. Sweden will also always be considered my second home, because for a brief moment in time I was a resident.

Finally, I would like to say a special thank you to some of my dearest friends who in recent years have become my heroes and have encouraged me so much, my two best friends, musician, singer and songwriter Manda Mosher from Los Angeles and Ted Hubble from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Tamara and Bill Champlin, Diane and Frank Marino and Mara and Ron New, the six of you are like family to me.

You can write to Riveting Riffs Magazine: publisher then the @ sign dot rivetingriffs dot com   I am sorry we have to write it this way, but we have been spammed so many times.

All written material, all photographs and all designs are protected by copyright © and patents by the writers, photographers, editors, designers, musicians, songwriters musicians and filmmakers who contribute to Riveting Riffs Magazine or have by consent allowed their work to be exhibited in Riveting Riffs Magazine, and / or Riveting Riffs Magazine and Joe Montague. Use of any material that appears in Riveting Riffs Magazine, without the written permission of the publisher and where applicable other rights holders, is strictly prohibited and is subject to legal action. This includes the reprinting, in whole or in part on the internet, by photocoping, reposting on blogs or other websites or magazines or newspapers that appear in print or quoting more than 200 words of any one composition, on terrestrial radio, internet radio, satellite radio, webcasts or television.