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In 2021The Bureau of Magical Things, season two appeared once again on television in Australia and recently season two which had limited exposure on American television last year, showed up once again streaming on Netflix. Season one laid the groundwork for us of a world in which fairies, elves, humans and trilings, the latter of which are a hybrid, elf, fairy and human exist, but not coexist. With various themes running through the episodes of acceptance of others when they do not look like us and in some cases do not act like us, to the immortal struggle of evil versus good and some very subtle teenage romance.

There is more than one instance of the suspension of disbelief, the first being that this group of high school students who belong to a secret magical order are, well the actors are all even at the time of filming of university age or slightly older. Hey, they are not the first television series to go there and they will not be the last. Tom McSweeney and David Newman did a wonderful job of casting for the series. I suppose if pressed we could say that Kimie Tsukakoshi as Kyra is the star of season two as the plot for the most part revolves around her character, but her co-stars shine too, with the brother and sister team in real life and in the show, Elizabeth and Julian Cullen, as Imogen and Darra respectively. Lilly is played by Mia Milnes, Jamie Carter as Peter, and Rainbow Wedell as Ruksy. Their teacher in the school of magic is Professor Maxwell portrayed by Christopher Sommers. Oh, let’s not forget ladder. What you say? Watch the show and you will understand.

This season we find the group of magical friends looking for three keys and a hidden temple and at every turn in both the present and the past evildoers are after them. That is all we can tell you without getting into spoilers.

Our magical students also meet and make new friends, such as Tayla the budding artist (Miah Madden) and Matthew Manahan’s Ben Reid. Ben steals a heart with his songs and charm, and Miah Madden and Elizabeth Cullen have an incredible onscreen chemistry. It also helps that the writers have taken some of the edge off of Cullen’s character. Elizabeth Cullen and her brother Julian are very, very good actors and keep your eyes on Miah Madden, because she is destined for a fabulous acting career.

Jamie Carter possesses a gift for goofy comedy, but this is not slapstick, bur rather lightens the mood of some of the more serious scenes.  

The series is probably best suited for those between the ages of eight and twelve or as a family viewing. We would suggest younger children should not watch this series, as some scenes could frighten them and the storylines may not be enough to keep teenagers engaged. Episodes on average are about twenty-two minutes in length.

We can only hope that a season three of The Bureau of Magical Things is on the horizon. Return to Our Front Page

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