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In Family I Trust (Gente que viene y bah) is the kind of movie that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. The film stars Clara Lago as Bea a young woman who dreamed about being an architect from the time she was a child and moved from a small town in Spain to the big city. After being betrayed by her boyfriend Victor (Fernado Guallar) she moves back to the small town for what she originally envisions as a short stay to collect her thoughts, but she rediscovers herself. While there is one fairly predictable outcome to this story (which we are not going to share here) the writers Dario Madrona and Carlos Montero who adapted the film from Laura Norton’s novel have crafted a witty storyline that uses humor to explore some serious themes and some soul searching for both the characters and those watching In Family I Trust.

In Family I Trust Photo TwoMost film productions seem to fall either on the side of great cast, not so good script and character development or they have a terrific script and a tremendous cast. Fortunately for us In Family I Trust belongs to the latter category and Patricia Font, does a masterful job of directing. In addition to Clara Lago, actress Paula Malia from the series Valeria plays her sister Débora who how shall we say this politely has a dalliance with a very short man prior to us being privy to the story. Alexandra Jiménez plays her other sister Irene, who also happens to be the mayor of the town who is in the middle of an election campaign. The fourth sibling is Carlos Cuevos as brother León who is in a complicated relationship with another man who happens to be a policeman and he arrests León at one point. Carmen Maura is the mother and she was seventy-three years old when this movie was released. The subtle nuances of her acting allow us to see her four children and her grandson Fin (León Martinez) through her loving eyes, as she does not interfere, but does gently nudge them in certain directions.

For every broken heart there should be someone to help heal it again and actor Alex Garcia as Diego is the one with whom Bea (Claro Lago) discovers magic. Alex Garcia is very handsome, but he was not put in this movie just to be eye candy. He brings warmth and strength to Diego and tenderness, as the single father of a little girl.

When you find yourself saying to one of the characters, no, no, no as a scene plays out before you, then you know the actors, the director and the writers have done a splendid job of pulling you into the lives of these characters. Claro Lago communicates vulnerability, confusion and strength in her portrayal of Bea. For anyone who has been trained as an actor or actress there is a phrase you learn early in your career and that is “being in the moment.” It is that point in the scene when actor and the character become one and the same. Fans of Spanish television series such as El vecino (as Lola), El Corazón del Océano (as Ana de Rojas) and the movie El Cuento de las Comadrejas (character: Bárbara Otamendi) are well acquainted with her accomplishments and these are but a few. Clara Lago also appeared in one episode of the American television series The Librarians starring John Larroquette, Rebecca Romijn and Lindy Booth.

In Family I Trust (Gente que viene y bah) is available to watch on Netflix and you can also watch the official movie trailer (preview) here. If you do not understand Spanish we would encourage you to still watch the film in Spanish and select the subtitles feature on Netflix and choose your own language. You will gain a much better appreciation of the acting if you do.   Return to Our Front Page

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