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Here are some Christmas singles to add to your collection.

Tamela D’Amico has a fabulous rendition of “Winter Wonderland. Riveting Riffs Magazine has always been a big fan of D’Amico as her phrasing is impecable and she injects personality into each song. The musicians keep it simple allowing Tamela D’Amico’s vocals to be showcased. Brian Ward is on bass, Matt Hornbeck on guitars and Greg Sadler is the drummer.

“Christmas Lights,” is breathtakingly beautiful, as pianist Ben Burget elegantly accompanies Tamela D’Amico. The song has a wishful feel to it. This is a timeless classic and we guarantee you will enjoy this song for years to come.

Please visit Tamela D’Amico on her website.

Our friend Katie Cole, originally from Australia and now living in America, has released a stirring version of “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” Cole is accompanied by Justin Ostrander on guitar and it is a superb mix by Howard Willing. You can listen to Katie Cole singing “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” here. You can also visit Katie Cole's website here.

On the album front Chris Bennett’s When I Think of Christmas brings a Jazzy feel to your holidays. I have never been much of a fan when it comes to the song “Do You Hear What I Hear?” but Bennett brings a gentle swing to the song that makes a familiar tune fun. There is also a nice call and response with a chorus conisting of Anita Sherman, Marion Ramsey, Ariana Howell, Casey Jarvis and Chris Bennett also lends her vocals to the response.

Chris Bennett’s deeply personal “Last Christmas,” is tender, beautiful, heartfelt and uncontrived, but you will likely shed a few tears. Chris Bennett composed the music, with lyrics by Lisa-Catherine Cohen.

“My Kind of Christmas,” rekindles the magic of Christmas as seen through a child’s eyes. The song is mid-tempo and the music is airy. Robert Kyle’s flute and the children’s background vocals are perfect for this song. This is Chris Bennett’s composition and the lyrics are hers as well.

The love song “It Wouldn’t Be Christmas,” without you demonstrates why Chris Bennett has enjoyed such a long and successful career. Her ability to know when to let a phrase linger and how to treat each lyric with just enough tenderness to melt hearts without becoming maudlin or insincere brings back both the magic of Christmas and the magic of love. The music and lyrics are by Chris Bennett.

“When I Think of Christmas,” the title song is an enchanting love song. Pictures are painted of warm memories and there is a sense of longing, not with sadness, but wanting to capture those magical moments once again.

The album winds down with Bill Augustine’s “Only You Can Make It Christmas,” and Frank Loesser’s “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”

Please visit Chris Bennett’s website.

Some of the songs we talked about by these three artists you have heard before, but that has never stopped us from playing them over and over again throughout the years, because they always bring a smile to our face and these are three outstanding artists who are never content to attain the status quo, but always strive for something richer.

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