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Actress Corinna Seiter

Corinna Seiter Photo Front PageCorinna Seiter, a German actress, screenwriter, and producer who splits her time between Spain and Germany took time out recently in between writing a new screenplay and taking part in the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera, to talk about her life and career.  

Ms. Seiter who we will simply refer to by her first name for the rest of this interview, because for such an affable woman, this seems more appropriate, provides us with some insight concerning the new short film she is working on.

“It has been quite a while since I wrote my last project. I have always enjoyed writing and I wanted to do something that is close to my heart. I think it is something that all of us go for at certain stages in our lives. It (the film) is about isolation, and it has a bit to do with the whole pandemic situation. That is not going to show in the project really. It takes place in a dystopian world that we really do not know that much about. It is about a character who lives in that world and who is trying to find their way between what is real and what isn’t. This (individual) is trying to figure life out in a way, and they are trying to be mentally well. It also has a big part about mental health as well.

I wanted to do something simpler than the technical side of it and not very complicated. Something easy to do visually. I want something more visual without a lot of dialogue in it. It will be more like sensations and images. There will be a short dialogue at the end. It has more to do about the inner dialogue that goes on in our heads when we are alone and everything that comes with it. It has a connection as well to the digital world; I want to say that we are trapped in right now, but this may not be the right word. We are confronted more and more with this digital world. It is kind of like another reality and this is coming together in our project,” she explains.

Continuing she says, “I wanted what is important for me to say and then I thought how can I show that and say that, without making it too autobiographic? I wanted to leave it in general, so anybody can empathize with Read More

Raised On TV - Band

Raised On TV Interview Photo Front PageOn the last day of May this year (2024), the California Rock band with the funky name Raised On TV released their eight record Make Time To Make Time, and Keaton Rogers, who formed the band with his brother Kacey Greenwood in 2016, walked the walk, by making time to make time to sit down with Riveting Riffs Magazine.  

The album opens with “Just Wanted To Tell You,” from whose lines the album takes its title, a song that will have you dancing from the first few beats. The brothers Rogers and Greenwood are joined on electric bass by Blaine Billingsley.

“(The song) is about my wife. The lyrics, particularly the chorus is a love letter to my wife. It is a sentiment that is good to get across and to say. It is not strictly on one narrow path the whole time. I wrote the verses, while we were on the road. I think we were pulled over at a coffee shop or something and we were taking a minute. I had the chorus about my wife, and I liked that. I wanted to say that, and it was truthful. The verses I was still trying to figure out and the words just came. The verses have a story behind them, but the chorus is about my wife,” says Keaton Rogers, providing us with some insight about the song.

Historically bands from California, going back to the 1950s, has had a distinct flavor and we talked about that, before digging deeper into the sound of Raised On TV, “I would say it still does (have a distinct California sound), maybe not as much as it once did, if you go back to the Beach Boys and Surf Rock and The Ventures or the Laurel Canyon scene in the seventies. I think those times were more distinctly Californian, but I think if you fast forward to the ‘90s and the early 2000s there was a lot of Punk music and Rock Punk that was coming out of California. Green Day was one of the bigger bands. They had a California Punk sound that still kind of carries on. I would say there is still a California sound, but it can be hard to put your finger on it sometimes. It is definitely a thing, and it is definitely real,” he says.

He then muses if Raised On TV’s music has a California flavor, Read More

Electronic Firefly

Electronic Firefly cello 

                                 Electronic Firefly website

Rachael Sage Interview

Rachael Sage 2024 Interview Front Page PhotoIt has been quite a spring for American singer, songwriter and musician Rachael Sage, as she opened on a tour in the U.K. for Scottish legendary singer with the mononymous name Lulu. Rachael Sage also released her album Another Side, a collection of reimagined songs, previously recorded and this time with new arrangements. One of our favorite guests at Riveting Riffs Magazine, she is always personable, reflects carefully before expressing her thoughts, she is transparent, and she knows herself pretty well.

Rachael Sage describes her U.K. tour as “a dream situation. It really was. I always admired the artist Lulu and her long, diverse and dynamic career and to be her support while playing so many beautiful theaters was just a treat. I was the support act for her whole farewell tour.

Everything was fantastic. She has such a loyal and enthusiastic audience. She took us through this incredible journey through the decades. It was her version of the Eras tour (editor’s note: For anyone who has been living off-planet that is a Taylor Swift reference). She had wonderful projections and artists with whom she collaborated. She went from David Bowie to Elton John. It was all over the map. It was the kind of revue you might expect from Bette Midler or Cher. There were songs from her early career and then all the way up to more recent albums. It was really fun and it kind of felt like it should end up being a Broadway show or something. It is sad that it was her farewell tour. She was on fire until the very end and I can’t even imagine that she is not going to tour anymore.

(She sang) “To Sir With Love,” and at the end everybody was on their feet. It was very, very poignant.  Read More


JM Stevens Nowhere To Land

JM Stevens Interview Photo Front PageJM Stevens grew up in West Point, Mississippi, and when he was twelve years old, he formed a band, because as he says, “there wasn’t anything to do.”

“You find some like minded souls and you start playing cover songs. It felt like something positive to be doing there. It was so much fun at the time. We played school dances and stuff like that. We played little town festivals and things. My first band was called Aces High he recalls.

That however was not his first tasted of budding stardom, “I think it was the second grade talent show when I did “Eye of the Tiger.” I even have a picture of that (see the photo). It was in the local paper. The guitar is bigger than I am. I was obsessed with that song.  A buddy was playing bass. He had a Fender Jazz bass that he borrowed from his dad.

We were freaking out in the whole month leading up to it. That is how I feel right now getting ready to go on this tour. It isn’t much different (laughs lightly).”

On this evening, from Austin, Texas, where he now makes his home, he talks about his new album, Nowhere To Land.  

“All of the songs were (written during the pandemic).  Read More  


Ciara Grace - New Album

Ciara Grace Interview Photo Front PageA few months back, a publicist friend of mine Mike Farley sent me some information updating me on the artists he represents. I scrolled through the list, some names familiar, others less so and I happened upon the name of Ciara Grace. I was intrigued by the release of an album, Write It Down, that at that time was still three months away. I gave a listen to the music of the blonde, blue-eyed young woman, who I guessed to be late teens or very early twenties and found I was pretty close.

Ciara Grace’s music is earthy, edgy with some of the vocals and music being staccato in nature. The themes we want to say mostly dealt with relationships, but that would not be true, because the songs were all about relationships! Even though they were written between her high school years and the summer immediately prior to entering college, whether you are sixteen years old, twenty years old or forty-two years old, there is something here for everybody to sink their teeth into, both musically and lyrically. Yes, we are hearing the expression of feelings from what was then a teenage songwriter, and from a female perspective, but we think we are correct in saying that many women out there are going to listen and say, ‘I knew a guy just like that!” or ‘I remember that guy who treated me poorly,” and “I can’t believe I fell for that guy.’ Now, just so we do not give you the wrong impression, while some of these lyrics do bear the signs of feeling jaded or angry at the time, it is important to note that these are not angry songs, at least in our view. There are enough images and metaphors that keep this from becoming a dark brooding album and you can sink your teeth Read More

Electronic Firefly From Spain

Electronic Firefly 2024 Interview Photo Front PageThis story begins in Spain during the year 2017, when violinist Silvia Carbajal Sanchez was asked to organize ten musicians and to be the artistic director for a big New Year’s event in 2017.  

Silvia explains what happened next, “That was not when I met Charlie (Perez-Íñigo now her husband). I needed an electric cello for the project and another person recommended that I call him.

It was a difficult time in my life and Charlie became my friend and he helped me in many aspects of my life. At the time I was living in a small village called Villarejo (located in La Rioja, Spain) and he started to visit me often.

He also recommended me for a show called “Music Has No Limits,” and that is when we started to work together. We toured with them, and we started our relationship. We have been together ever since. It was after we left “Music Has No Limits,” that we started Electronic Firefly.”

In 2023 their daughter was born and for two performing musicians that has brought its own challenges, but more on that later.

The two world class musicians have also expanded their music careers and in addition to performing sometimes as a duo and other times for solo gigs, they now also are DJs.

Charlie takes us down the DJ pathway, and how it began, “We like playing our instruments with electronic music, Read More

Fiona Joy Hawkins - New Music

Fiona Joy Hawkins 2024 Interview Photo Front PageIt was time to get caught up with Australian composer, pianist and vocalist Fiona Joy Hawkins, as the last time we sat down with this affable and talented lady was in 2020. We connected with her at her home in Kendall, New South Wales, Australia. Although you do not often hear her mention it, Fiona Joy Hawkins has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious music venues.  

Our conversation on this day, however, takes us far from those concert venues and to the Arctic and how she has combined her music with nature and video.

Acknowledging that her trip to the Arctic was a life changing event, she says, “Absolutely, it was probably the best time I ever had, and it was such an eyeopener with the beauty there. I want to do it again, but there are so many other things I want to do. It really made me aware of the problems there and aware of the power of music and the power of suggestion. I was on a boat that was full of writers, biologists, photographers and politically involved and motivated people. We had really famous political people and I can’t even say who. When I met all of these people I said, all I could really do is my music. There is nothing more that I feel I can do to help these situations. They said to me, in some ways you can do more than many of us.

I was like, really? Are you joking? For the last night they played my Read More

Adrian Sutherland Interview

Adrian Sutherland Interview Front Page PhotoThere is a place named Attawapiskat in the very far north of Canada, in what is referred to as the sub-Artic zone. It is approximately 500 kilometers (a little over 300 miles) from the nearest town of any size. Some days your best friend may be a caribou or the sound of the wind. In the winter months ice roads are constructed and it links you to other small communities and at other times of the year if you want to get in or out, you have to fly. Located on the northern end of James Bay, Attawapiskat is the home of indigenous (First Nations) singer, songwriter and guitarist Adrian Sutherland. He joined me recently to talk about his new album, Precious Diamonds, scheduled for release on March 15 (2024) and his speaking voice is as smooth as smooth as his vocals when he sings.  

Adrian Sutherland recorded two songs for this album in his native language, Cree and others, while in English, share from his life experiences and his heritage of which he is proud.

The album opens with the beautiful song “Notawe,” (No Taw ee), and it is one of the two Cree songs on Precious Diamonds.

Adrian Sutherland talks about the song “Notawe.” “It is a song I wrote in my Cree language, which is the language that we speak where I live. It is the first full Cree song that I have written, which is kind of odd, because I Read More


Maia Sharp and Reckless Thoughts

Maia Sharp Front Page B Reckless ThoughtsIt is always great to sit down, (even if it is over the miles) and chat with Maia Sharp. The renowned singer, songwriter and musician, whose songs have been recorded by artists such as, Cher, Trisha Yearwood, Terri Clark, Bonnie Raitt and Art Garfunkel, will have just released her new album Reckless Thoughts by the time you are reading this. Maia Sharp is as candid, as she is thoughtful when talking about her life, career and songs. She breathes fresh air into the world of music. She is comfortable collaborating with other songwriters and she is quick to share the spotlight and credit with them, even though it is her name on the album for which the songs appear.

From her home in Nashville (yes, she did indeed move from California a few years ago), she talks about when the seeds for Reckless Thoughts were first planted.

“The first song that I knew was going to be the beginning of a new album project was “Kind.” I wrote that with Mindy Smith and Dean Fields in 2019. When we were finished with that one, I knew I needed to start thinking about another project, even though Mercy Rising (the previous album) wasn’t even out yet. I knew that one was already finished. I knew that “Kind,” wasn’t going to be on Mercy Rising. It already set the wheels in motion and I thought I guess I am going to be making another record.

“Too Far Now,” was the next one. Those two songs are so different from each other that they really presented a challenge. How am I going to write or look through Read More

Kori Linae Carothers  

Kori Linae Carothers Interview Front Page PhotoCedar City, Utah, seems a long way from California, but so was Minnesota and Texas, just some of the stops along the way for pianist, composer, singer Kori Linae Carothers. New Age music is also a bit of a distance from the Contemporary Instrumental music and electronic music that she is best known for and yet early on the music industry seemed to want to pigeonhole her as a New Age artist, nothing wrong with that genre, but that is not the essence of who she is. Complete loss of hearing in her left ear and now taking injections to treat spasmodic dysphonia, a condition she shares with two siblings, has not stopped her from continuing her music career.  

From her home in California, Kori Linae Carothers sat down with us to talk about her life, her music and might we dare say a very interesting date years ago, that resulted in her marriage to her husband.

“We moved to Texas when I was 15 and that was really hard. I didn’t do change at that age. What was really interesting about that move was nobody cared where I came from. There was not this popularity contest that I had in Minnesota. We moved from Minneapolis to a very tiny farming community southwest of Minneapolis and it was one of the hardest moves that I ever had. People would tease me, because my hearing was crappy, and it just was not a good time for me. That is when I started writing music,” Kori Linae Carothers explains, continuing she says, “I was thirteen and fourteen when things really started to come to my head. Then Read More 

 Actor Ruben Yuste

Ruben Yuste May 2024

Follow Ruben here and here

Kerri Powers Love Is Why

Kerri Powers Interview Photo Front PageSpeaking to Riveting Riffs Magazine from her home nestled into the northwest corner of Connecticut, Canton, to be more specific, singer and songwriter Kerri Powers took time out to talk to us about her career and her new album, shortly after returning from her European tour.  

Chuckling she says, “Not too many people can find me. It is more private, which is really nice. We have been here twenty-two or twenty-three years now. I am originally from East Taunton, Massachusetts.”

Ah that is the accent that everyone once in a while visits this conversation.

So, tell us about your European tour in support of your album, Love Is Why.

“I must say I am really on a high from that. It usually goes very well, and I certainly didn’t expect to play to sold out venues.  I went as a soloist this time and usually I play with a good guitarist from over there. I won’t say I was apprehensive, but you never know what to expect. The audiences over there were quite receptive and I couldn’t have asked for a better run of dates.

The one thing I like about (being in Europe) to tour is you have very appreciative audiences. They are down to earth good people. Every time I am there I learn more about what is going on and the culture. I just like the fact that we are learning every day if we are open

The one thing I like about (being in Europe) to tour is you have very appreciative audiences. They are down to earth good people. Every time I am there I learn more about what is going on and the culture. I just like the fact that we are learning every day if we are open to it. When you are in that mindset it is very inspiring as well.

I have been working on a book of poetry since I came home. I am also a painter. I feel super blessed that I can get out of “Dodge” now and then and get the opportunity to explore what I would not normally have the opportunity to do had it not been for the music,” she says.

As for whether or not her audiences were able to plug into her American lyrics, she says, “If you are writing the songs correctly. As a songwriter and an artist, it is more about the emotion and the universal feeling. As cliché as it sounds there is no language barrier when it comes to the language of the soul or the heart.  I just get out there and do what comes naturally and organically to me.

When I first started going over there my concern was will people understand? It can be a little intimidating when you are in a big room, you don’t know the audience and you don’t know what to expect. If you are honest then you just do what you are meant to do. When you put it out there in a vulnerable way, I think there is a connection,” Kerri Powers explains.

The album takes its name from the song “Love Is Why,” and Kerri Powers explains, “I have a humble, little studio on the property Read More

Ni Una Mas (Raising Voices) - Series

Ni Una Mas photo credit NetflixNi Una Mas (English title: Raising Voices), a Netflix Spanish production, with eight episodes, three directors, Eduard Cortés, Marta Font Pascual and David Ulloa, and written by Miguel Sáez Carral and Isa Sánchez and starring Nicole Wallace as Alma, is not easy to watch, but it is authentic in its portrayal of the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly of our teenage years. It also most importantly, makes a statement against rape, sexual abuse and molestation. The supporting characters, Greta portrayed by brilliant actress Clara Galle, from the Through My Window trilogy, Nata played by Aicha Villaverde, Berta (Teresa de Mera) and Alma’s parents, Vero (Ruth Díaz) and one of our favorite actors Eloy Azorín as Pablo, were all fabulous in their roles.  

Yes, the writer of this review / OPED is a man, but a man who has been in relationships with and had extended family members and friends who were at some point in their lives as children, teenagers and adults were victims of sexual predators. Some again became victims in their report to police or when their cases went to court, others developed PTSD, borderline personality disorders and other psychological impairments and / or attempted suicide. The powerful Ni Una Mas series addresses all of that and more.

The courage of Alma, to be a female voice that speaks up and against a sexual predator is not a fantasy, it is what we sometimes see lived out in society and in the midst of tragedy, they become our heroes.  

Does Alma always have her act together? Not always and in fact we might question at times if she makes more bad choices than good ones but think back to your high school years and if you were the person that you turned out to be. There are some poignant moments when Sara Rivero’s character Mercedes despite her attraction to one of the characters, makes the right choices.

This series addresses whether it is simply easier for bureaucrats to try to sweep things under the carpet, to hide messy situations and to try to blame the victims or will they do the right thing?

This series may make you feel uncomfortable with the language at times, with the discussion of sex at times or Read More

 Actress, Singer Carmen Prados

Carmen Prados Main Page PhotoWhen you are the understudy for the principal role in a theatrical production it can be challenging both mentally and physically. Couple that with a major musical such as Pretty Woman el Musical when you are providing cover for Vivian (lead actress Cristina Llorente), plus you sing and dance nightly in the ensemble and wait for it plus you are Scarlett, just thinking about all of that is enough to make someone want to lay down and have a nap. 

Actress Carmen Prados originally from Córdoba, Andalusia Spain and who has also called London, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid home, is that very person and she was gracious enough to take time from a busy schedule that often sees her performing twice per day and at least once per week in the sometimes salty, but mostly endearing role of Vivian. 

How does she do it? Carmen Prados explains, “I have done two shows as Scarlett and two as Vivian, one as Vivian and one as Scarlett. I have done all the possibilities. It is challenging, but I really love it. Two shows of Scarlett are tougher on the body and two shows of Vivian are tougher on the voice. Doing both, I love it because it is super challenging, and you have to be really focused.

It is really hard and for me it is crucial to take naps, because I wake up early in the mornings. I am a Spanish person and I take my siesta very seriously, so that is my solution to being tired. Getting ready for the show I warm up my voice and body, like an athlete and this is my instrument.”

Riveting Riffs Magazine would like to tell you that we went to Pretty Woman el Musical specifically to watch Carmen Prados perform, but that would be less than truthful. We had fallen in love with this cast and the production, and to be honest we went to see one of the principals Rubén Yuste perform, as we had interviewed him earlier in the year. As fate would have it, neither Cristina Llorente, nor Ruben Yuste were performing that night.  It did not take long before we were captivated by the Vivian before us, Carmen Prados. Who is this young woman, who brings amazing energy, a natural knack for humor and a beautiful singing voice to this character? By the intermission, this writer said under my breath, I want to interview her.

Carmen Prados tells us about her journey, “I was born and raised in Córdoba in the south of Spain. It is in Read More

                                                   Carrera Couture

carrera couture july 2022 photo two 




Tim Easton's New Album

Tim Easton Interview Photo Front PageRoll back the decades and imagine busking on the streets of numerous European countries, at a time when travel was easier in Europe or counting among the places where you either lived or spent a great deal of time in your childhood and adolescent years, Ohio, Japan and Canada. It therefore is not a great leap of faith to understand why musician, singer and songwriter Tim Easton so easily embraced his nomadic music lifestyle early in his career. Fittingly enough, during our conversation, Tim Easton was on his way from Nashville through Kentucky, while on his way to Ohio for a gig. Do not worry folks he was handsfree the whole time. No, not on the steering wheel on the phone!  

Wait you are thinking you said Tim was originally from Ohio, Akron to be precise. Well, he has also lived in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, California and the aforementioned Nashville, Tennessee. It is almost as if Gene Mack’s 1959 song, “I’ve Been Everywhere,” was written for him.

Rather than start with the first song from the new album Find Your Way, we are going to begin with the last song on the record, one of the prettiest and most tender songs you will hear, “By The End of the Night.”

“Today when a songwriter is recording a song, he just turns his phone on and records whatever he has in a voice memo. That is why most of us songwriters will have 170 voice memos of half-written songs. It is really simple and convenient to use a smart phone. Back in the day it would be a handheld cassette thing, so I would hold the cassette recorder and sing part of the song. Sometime in the eighties or the nineties I sang a line and [he sings by the end of the night with nice smooth vocals] and that (those few words) were all that I had. I finished that song right on the spot and I was not thinking of any particular person. All I know is that I was going to write a sincere love song that the Everly Brothers could sing. I am going to write a song that Harry Belafonte could sing. I wanted a standard song that could go to any time period. I hope someone finds that song, sings it and means it, because I believe it is timeless. It is the first song that I have written that I believe is a standard. It is as strong as anything I have ever written,” and Tim Easton explains he rediscovered that cassette during the pandemic when he was digging through some old cassettes.

The song talks about meeting someone special and hoping romance will blossom.  

The song “Everything You’re Afraid Of,” is set to the companion video in a vintage style silent film (except for the song) that is cut much in the mode of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin and with video quality that Read More



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