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Camila Knight - Music from Barcelona

Camila Knight Photo Front PageCamila Knight from Barcelona, Spain is a cerebral singer, songwriter and musician. Although, she is from a completely different set of musical influences and is of a different demeanor than Taylor Swift, she reminds this writer, at least of the early days in Swift’s career when she became one of the first artists to build a strong fanbase through the use of the internet. Camila Knight is doing the same thing (more about that later), but it is also her lyrics that long after the music has stopped leave you thinking about them and applying them to your own life and reinterpreting them in the context of what, at this writing has been a historic almost fourteen months of COVID-19.

She talks about her song “Home,” which you can listen to and watch on YouTube, “I wrote “Home,” last year during lockdown 1.0 and I was uncertain about what was going to happen next. I did not expect the whole craziness with COVID, and I saw people with the fear of what would come next. (They were thinking) I am the next one and how will COVID affect me? I did not want to give into fear, and I wanted to communicate in this song, that you don’t have to give into fear. I was expressing my feeling of gratitude for little things in life. I was grateful for being healthy, safe, having a home and for my loved ones. I was trying to keep my spirits high. I wanted to communicate that we have the strength to overcome this and without fear. Maybe this is a moment of probation for us. (The message) is to appreciate what you have and your loved ones.”

Did it ever enter Camila Knight’s mind to hold back releasing some of her songs, since there has been little to no live performances by artists anywhere in the world during these COVID times?

“The first song that I released during COVID times was “Angels.” I had a feeling that maybe it was not the best time, because people were (focused) on other things life. I felt I had to share this song with the world. The message in “Angels,” is very appropriate for this time. “Home” is also perfect for this situation. These are crazy times.

“Angels,” is a very, very personal song. It is special to me. I decided to release it as a single, because of the message that it carries. It is close to my heart and I came up with the idea for the song, while playing around with a chord progression and then I started to write the lyrics. The lyrics came to me in maybe five minutes. I felt that maybe the song didn’t even come from me, but I was like a medium who was transferring something, a message that comes from within.

“Angels,” conveys a message that I wanted to get out and it gives an honest picture of how I feel about the world today. It is about angels waking up from a dream to a greater awareness of themselves. I started calling my listeners angels and on Twitch I call my  Read More

These Fine Moments - Season 10

These Fine Moments Front Page PhotoThrough the magic of technology our guests recently at Riveting Riffs Magazine were Hilary Kaufmann who was in Austin, Texas and Robert Watts who was in the Greater Beaumont area of Texas, while this writer talked to them from Toronto, Canada. They joined us to talk about their brand-new album Season 10, whose title informs the listener that the music duo has now spent ten years performing as These Fine Moments.

Hilary Kaufmann talks about their respective musical styles when she first met Robert Watts, “We were different in that my musical interests were completely opposite from Robert’s. I was more into Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt and I guess more Folk Rock and Americana, but I have been doing original music in bands for a long time. My band was a finalist in the Kerrville Folk Festival. I am also a songwriter. Robert is much more edgy than I am, and he took me way out of my comfort zone. Our voices blended so well together it was a natural progression. I feel writing with him has really helped me to grow as a musician.”

Robert Watts picks up the conversation, “I come at it from a little different angle. My writing style is not so much literal, but it is more abstract. Hilary centers me a lot to keep me from getting too far out there.”  

“Robert’s influences are more from eighties music and I am slightly older, so my influences are mostly from the seventies,” she says.

As far as how their music has evolved during their ten-year careers together, Robert says, “We started as a duo and then we progressed as a full band thing. We have always had control over the music, the arrangements and everything else when we had the band. It got to the point when it didn’t make sense to have the band anymore because it was too expensive. We went with the model we now have.”

Hilary adds, “Initially, I would play acoustic guitar like Robert and some harmonica, with the band, but once we started going with the duo (music) Robert set me up with a pretty cool electric guitar and an old Gibson Falcon amp from ’63, so I get to do all the tremeloes and colors. That made it much more interesting than just two acoustic guitar players. We are a lot moodier now (the music not them). It is a lot of fun.”

As for the name These Fine Moments there are two interesting stories attached to that.

“The first EP that we put out when we first got together, there was a line in a song that said, “I won’t let these fine moments pass you by,” Hilary Kaufmann says. 

Robert also recalls, “One of the first bookings we got in  Read More

 Cozy Rebel

Cozy Rebel A

Cozy Rebel, A New Collection from DREZZ2IMPREZZ and Beatrix Reuschel

Leah Belle Faser - Rising Star

Leah Belle Faser Intro Photo OneIt has been a long time since Riveting Riffs Magazine has said of any young artist that she or he has superstardom in their future. In fact, the last time we said that was when we sat down in April 2005 with then little-known singer, songwriter and guitarist Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry and that is exactly what we predicted. Here we are almost sixteen years later and having recently spoken with sixteen-year-old Leah Belle Faser from Atlanta, Georgia, we are saying the same thing. She has the voice, the songwriting skills and the maturity to become a really special artist, one that we suspect someday will receive serious consideration for and could possibly be the winner of any of the top music awards in Country music.

When you first listen to songs such as “Better Than Mine,” “Back Home,” “The Lift,” and “Second-Hand Store,” from Leah Belle Faser’s new album Crossing Hermi’s Bridge, songs about relationships and longing for home, the first thing you want to do is go to the album credits to find out who co-wrote these songs with her. Surely, you think, a sixteen-year-old could not write so insightfully about such mature themes and compose such well constructed songs. Then you think there must be information missing from the album credits, because all of these songs are attributed to this affable teenage girl who answers your questions thoughtfully and you realize not only are her songs mature, but so is she. Yes, she has all the exuberance of a sixteen-year-old, but she also is wise beyond her years.

Leah Belle Faser says, “There is only so much that has happened in my life at sixteen, so there are only so many things that I can  Read More

Actress Ana Cerdeiriña

Ana front pageActress  from Madrid, Spain has been a lot of things when she first took up acting. She was a mosquito, a bird, the sun, and a tree, but as her career progressed, she was cast in juicer roles, such as, a nun who sold aphrodisiac candies, and a psychopath. One gets the sense the role she enjoys the most is being the mother to her daughter. Ana Cerdeiriña has been in drama series such as Si No Thagues Conegut, sitcoms like Gym Tony (2015) and her most recent role in the television series Los Hombres de Paco Reboot.

Life began for Ana Cerdeiriña, “in Salamanca, a little town in Castile y León. It is a big area in the northwest of Spain, but not as far north as Galicia. It is a university city with students from all over the world. I have a small family, my father, my mother, my sister, and me. The center of my life is my father, my mother, my sister and now my daughter. My mother is a nurse, my father is a doctor, and my sister works as a hospital administrator. My father and mother split up when I was twelve years old, and I went to live in Madrid with my mother and my sister. I have lived in Madrid for thirty years.

When I was a child and I wanted to become an actress, my mother and father thought that was bad news. They wanted me to study for a different career. In Spain when you are fourteen and sixteen years old and if you say you want to be an actress, it is not beautiful news, because it is so difficult to be an actor or an actress here. Our country has a lot of good things, but the arts and acting or creative (careers) are difficult.

If my daughter came home and said she wanted to be an actress I would probably tell her no, but fortunately she loves math and science,” says Ana Cerdeiriña.  Read More

Allyson Morris - Jazz Album

Allyson Morris Front Page Photo One ACHILL…me some jazz, the new album from Canadian singer and songwriter Allyson Morris, is sultry, sexy and innovative. It may also very well be the best Jazz album produced in Canada in decades. The country has produced several outstanding Jazz singers and musicians, but few albums produced in Canada measure up to the quality that Allyson Morris and her producer / arranger Asher Ettinger created at Asher Music Studio in Toronto.

The album opens with an old David Frishberg song, “Peel Me a Grape,” for which a sultry, mysterious, almost James Bond like companion video was filmed. The creation of the video has a hint of mystery to it with two Peters and an Allyson, during a pandemic.

Allyson Morris recalls, “I ran into an old friend (Peter Clifford) who is in the film industry. I played the album for him and he loved “Peel Me a Grape.” He said you need a video Allyson. Nobody in the film industry was working in Toronto, because of COVID. That conversation was in June of 2020.

Peter Faragher started writing out the storyboard with my friend Peter Clifford who has an old 1968 88 Delta car, and we did that video on a Sunday afternoon when it wasn’t busy, down University Avenue (Toronto) and we (fastened) cameras to the car. There was a cinematographer in the front seat, one in the back seat and there was another car following me, as we drove through the downtown core. We ended up on York Street overlooking the CN tower and all of the buildings served as a backdrop for the video. They had gone out a few weeks earlier to scout out locations. It was an incredible experience and  Read More

October 1993 A Magic Evening

Jaime James Photo Front PageActor, singer and musician Harry Dean Stanton released a new album in February. Well actually, Omnivore Recordings released October 1993, an album by Harry Dean Stanton with the Cheap Dates, produced by Jamie James and Greg Allen (co-produced by Slim Jim Phantom, of the Stray Cats) comprised of some songs that were recorded live at the Troubadour and others that were recorded in the studio. You see, Harry Dean Stanton passed away on September 15, 2017 at the age of ninety-one.

Jamie James who had a band called the Kingbees and who also had played with Dennis Quaid and the Sharks, explains how this album, which was never intended to become an album, was born.

“My sister called me and said, Jaime I saw a picture of you online that I have never seen before. Where and when is it from? She sent me the link and I looked at it. I told her that is a band that Harry and I had for about six months back in 1993. It was called Harry Stanton with the Cheap Dates.

I remembered that Slim Jim Phantom had been digitizing music from cassettes. We had recorded four songs in Paramount Studios on Santa Monica Boulevard, back in ’93. He sent me a track, but I couldn’t find it. I called him and I said, could you resend that to me? I listened to it again and it was the Bob Dylan song “Baby Tonight.” I liked it.

I thought I like this, and I wonder if other people would enjoy it. I called “Slim” back and he had four songs, but it wasn’t enough Read More

Jemima - Things I Never Said

Jemima Photo AA young Australian singer, songwriter and musician from Newcastle, by the name of Jemima just released her EP Things I Never Said, a collection of five songs that are more value for your money than most full-length albums. Get ready world, because this young woman is going to be a star. She writes good lyrics, has good vocals and has an engaging personality. She also has a very sharp marketing mind.

The first song on the EP, is “As You Are,” and it clocks in at three minutes and twenty seconds and has the perfect blend of retro Pop and modern Pop, with an easy flowing melody. Jemima tracked her own background vocals creating the feel of some of the early sixties all-girl groups. One should not however think of this song as an attempt to merely giving rebirth to an era of music that has long since vanished, by the time she was born, but instead it is an artist who knows what she likes and has taken the best from what she heard as a child, while listening to her parents’ records and bringing to both her songwriting and to the studio a keen sense for what resonates with audiences today.

She says, “I am twenty-four and I discovered this music by sitting in my garage, as a kid and going through my parents’ records and cassette tapes. I really liked that music. I wasn’t into Justin Bieber or whatever other music kids my age were listening to. It (the music on the records) sounded so intriguing to me and there is such a focus on storytelling, which I loved. It sounded more genuine to me. I went to school as Elvis when I was ten years old. I had the black wig on, and I Read More

Montse Muñoz - Actress, Model

Montse Munoz Front Page 2What happens when you have a beautiful model, a daring stuntwoman and a fabulous actress and they all meet? Well when they are three different people, we are not sure and this story is not about three different people, because our guest at Riveting Riffs Magazine recently was Montse Muñoz and she is actively engaged in all three careers. Perhaps the story of how she received her first name is a good place to begin.

“My first name Montse comes from Montserrat, which is a really high mountain mountain range, and they are difficult to climb. My name comes from these mountains. I always asked my mom why she chose this name and she said, because you asked for this name when you were born. She said all of your life you wanted to climb, and you always looked for the difficult way to arrive at the top. You are doing it step by step and that is why you have this name,” says Montse Muñoz.

She was born in the small city of Manresa, sixty-seven kilometers from Barcelona, located in Spain’s autonomous region of Catalunya. Legend has it that St Ignatius of Loyola, while on his way back from Montserrat stopped in Maresa to pray and that for one year he lived in a cave not far from Maresa.

She was one of only two children in her family and her extended family on her maternal and paternal side was even smaller.

When asked if her creativity is something naturally flows from her family, she laughs lightly and says, “My mother is the only one in Read More

French Actress Sandra Leclercq

Sandra Leclercq Front Page 2Sandra Leclercq is an actress, playwright and screenwriter from France, with a green card for the United States and she had a puppet flirt with her recently, she designed a support chair to enable a young man with disabilities to compete in an Iron Man competition and she has travelled back in time from a women’s dominated society, 1,000 years into the future. Just to round things out she also used to be a tennis coach. Recently, Sandra Leclercq was our guest at Riveting Riffs Magazine, and we have become big fans of this delightful and fun lady.

We asked her how it felt to have a puppet flirt with her, “It felt really good!” she says laughing.

We were of course talking about her voiceover work for a French advertisement for Spotify and Sandra Leclercq was the voice for the female puppet.

I really love it (voiceover). It is really interesting. Even when I audition for animated movies or things like that, I like to have the picture of the character and to see what the animated version looks like. If it is an animal what kind of animal is it? Even when you are just using your voice, you are still acting. I think if it is TV, theater or voiceover in my opinion it is still the same, it is acting.

I did an audition before, but this was the first time that I recorded something that I booked.

I looked at the puppet and I loved it. It was very technical to have my mouth in rhythm and moving at the same time as the puppet.”  Read More

Kipo, an Animated Teenage Hero

Kipo Photo ThreeKipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts, an animated series created by Radford Sechrist and produced by DreamWorks is currently in its third and sadly final season on Netflix. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down and watch all three seasons and yes, we binged, and we are proud of it! The series does a lot of things right and the only mistake in our estimation is Netflix not renewing the series. It follows a pattern with their non-animated series in which Netflix seems to discontinue them when they are at the height of their popularity, but we digress.

The artwork is tremendous, from the scenery to the characters and even the clothes that the human characters and even some of the mutants wear. The music is used to compliment the mood, rather than becoming the main focal point. After a while you forget that you are watching animated creatures, because the voice actors do such a superb job bringing them to life and the story created by Sechrist, which evolved from his webcomic Kipo, derived from the main character’s name. Studio Mir from South Korea animated this film.

Karen Fukuhara, a Japanese American actress, is a thirteen year old girl named Kipo, who is on the surface of the earth, separated from her father and friends (her mother is presumed dead) who live in the burrows below the earth’s surface. The mutants, the result of what appears to some sort of human made catastrophic event that wiped out the majority of the earth’s population, well they rule the surface. In most cases the mutants are enormous and although most of them are animals of some sort, they also talk, they scheme, some wear fancy clothes and others own restaurants. Read More

         Cozy Rebel

Cozy Rebel B

 A New Collection from DREZZ2IMPREZZ and Beatrix Reuschel

Actor German Torres

German TorresActor and singer German Torres who in recent years starred in some impressive musicals in Spain, Beauty and the Beast and 24 horas en la vida una mujer (24 Hours in the Life of a Woman) and in 2013 he received the award for Best Supporting Actor from the La Unión de Actores (the equivalent of the American Screen Actors Guild), for his role in Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov, was our guest recently at Riveting Riffs Magazine to talk about his career in theater, film and television, both as an actor and a producer.

At the time we spoke, 24 horas en la vida de una mujer, produced by highly acclaimed actress Silvia Marsó, who also starred in the musical with Felipe Ansola had just returned to the stage at Teatro Galileo in Madrid, after an absence of nine months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked German Torres what that experience was like.

He said, “It was fantastic, after the world stopped, returning to the stage is a miracle. The theater has maximum security and culture is safe now in Madrid. We are allowed to have fifty-five percent (of capacity) for the audience now. In other communities only thirty people are allowed.

We had forgotten, just a little about the energy of the stage, because it had been so long since we had performed.”

There were also adjustments the actors had to make, “It is difficult because the audience has masks on, and we can only watch their eyes (and not see the rest of their faces). There is a different (dyamic) with the audience now, but they like the show. The return of the rehearsals is very important after many months without performances.

I think people need to watch musicals and to hear music, because during the three Read More

Actor John De Luca

John De Luca AWe sat down recently and chatted with actor, producer, director and screenwriter John De Luca about his career, recent projects and his life’s journey. That story begins in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he was born and where he grew up, the only son of Italian parents. It took him to Miami, Florida (United States), a few places in Spain, primarily Madrid and Malaga, London, England and Denmark, before he returned to Malaga.

We caught up with John De Luca, after he filmed the four-part miniseries Palomares, was awaiting the release of the feature film NATO 0 (Born 0), in which he has a leading role and after the debut of his short film Entre Nosotros (Between Us) on Amazon Prime. Entre Nosotros was produced by his own film production company First Round Films, in which he partners with David Smith. DeLuca’s co-star in Entre Nosotros is Spanish actress and renowned cellist Irene Rouco.

Take us back to when and where it all began John.

“I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I discovered acting at a very early age in school. I am an only child. My mother worked at a few stores and then when my mother had me, she became a housewife. My dad had auto repair (parts) stores. He used to sell clutches and brakes and other things for cars. I had a normal childhood, nothing big, middle class and in a big city. I learned English from an early age. I think I was three.”

He describes himself as an extroverted boy, who chatted a lot and who was very outgoing.

“I was a bit of a problem kid at school. I was smart and sometimes I was the smartass in class. I was expelled a few times. I wasn’t violent, but I was always chatting or playing pranks. Read More

Rebecca Howell

Rebecca Howell Photo Front PageWhen you hear singer Rebecca Howell talking about how Carrie Underwood has been her role model since she was a child and she is effusive about Kelly Clarkson who served as her coach on the televised music competition The Voice, you sense that you are speaking with a very well-grounded young woman. When you add to that incredible and powerful vocals, complimented by an engaging personality, you know you have a winning combination. Riveting Riffs Magazine sat down on the phone with Rebecca Howell, and from her home in Cochran, Georgia she talked about growing up in a musical family.

“I have quite a large family.  My immediate family (consists) of my parents, my older brother and me.  With my extended family both my mother and father have huge families and we are very close. Even with my third cousins I know who all of them are.  We get together every year and I have a huge support system. It is really great.

When my father was in college, he was the lead singer in a Rock band. He also plays the guitar. That is where I got my love for music. His whole family (she pauses momentarily) his mother, a lot of his siblings and many of his cousins, they all sing or play an instrument. Growing up I was always around other musicians or people who sing and at gatherings I would sit on the porch and sing at family gatherings. I have been around music since the beginning.

They are happy memories, especially now since there are so many people in my family who have passed. It is special to reflect upon those days when I got to sing with my grandmother, my aunts and uncles at family gatherings. It was really a great experience to sit there and enjoy it.

My grandmother was such a huge part of my life and she passed away in 2017, during my senior year of high school. She had a hand in raising me. She kept me during the day, while my parents worked from the time I was an infant until I was old enough to stay at home by myself.  She was an incredible woman. She taught Read More

                    French Designer: Alice Berry Atelier

Alice Berry Atelier A

                         Alice Berry Atelier Website



Alice Berry - French Fashion Designer

Alice Berry Atelier AWhen it comes to the world of fashion, whether you are talking about couture or made to fit (custom fit) clothing for women, there are really two options trendy, cutting edge or classic designs. With the former what was in style last year is no longer fashionable this year and you have to replace those clothes, which means you need to have a big clothing budget and it contributes to the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites and in turn that contributes to damaging our environment further. With the more classic designs, they are timeless, which means for quality you can afford to pay a bit more, because you do not have to replace your wardrobe every year or every second year. It therefore follows that those clothes are more sustainable in environmental terminology. Even if the original owner decides to one day part ways with quality classic designs, there are plenty of eager buyers in the women’s consignment market.

Recently, Riveting Riffs Magazine sat down with fashion designer Alice Berry of Alice Berry Atelier from Paris, France to talk about her timeless clothing designs for women and the importance she places on her collections being sustainable.

“I think timeless dresses are a better choice, because for example in ten years my customers can always wear them. On the contrary if the dresses are on the cutting edge of fashion in one year or two, they will no longer be able to wear them. The fashion changes very quickly and I think too quickly. I would rather (create) slow fashion rather than fast fashion.

I choose sustainable fabrics and materials. Above all I (emphasize) the sewing technique. It is very important to me to do quality sewing, so the dress will last.

My clothing is custom fitted. I make one model or design and then it is custom fitted for each individual. Everything is made to order. I do not have any stock, because I  Read More

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